Meine Yes-Musik  Favoriten:

Song                                 Album 
Homeworld  The Ladder
And You And I Close To The Edge
Awaken  Going For The One
Endless Dream  Talk
I'll Find My Way Home Jon & Vangelis / The friends 
I'v Seen All good People  Yes Album
Gates Of Delirium Relayer
In The Presence Of Magnification
State Of Independence Change We Must
Wonderous Stories Going For The One
Song Of Seven Song Of Seven
Close To The Edge Close To The Edge
Heart Of Sunrise Fragile
Olias of Sunhillow Olias of Sunhillow
Shock To The System Union
Changes 90125
Can I ? The Ladder
The Only Thing I Need Jon &  4 Him  (Streams)
  .... und alle anderen Kompositionen von Jon Anderson & Co auch .

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